The Vintage Cosmetic Company Airbrush Face Brush Set Review

Today I am going to review The Vintage Cosmetic Company Airbrush Face Brush Set (£22.50) which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. This terrific trio of brushes will enable you to create a flawless natural finish every day. Makeup brushes are an essential part of makeup collection. The quality brushes can make a huge difference on how your final makeup looks. This set includes a super soft powder brush, perfect to apply loose powder or mineral make-up, a foundation brush and matching concealer brush. All with super soft with synthetic bristles, so hypo allergenic and cruelty free. I was really excited about the packaging. It is gorgeous. I love the floral vintage theme on this packaging. The packaging is very sturdy and all three brushes inside are well protected. There is instruction on back of the packaging on how to use each brush. The handles of the brushes are made of wooden and each have the name printed on brushes so you know what its intended use is.

Powder Brush

This brush mix of synthetic and natural hair. It looks the same as a stippling brush. This is a duo fiber brush which is great for applying powder. This brush does a great job at applying powder as it evenly spreads the powder on face. It even out skin tone and also helps to create flawless look. This brush is so soft and very easy to use. It did shed a few hairs upon first application but after that it was fine. I use this brush to set powder, bronzer or highlighter on my face. It is versatile brush and I think it will work great as a foundation brush too.

Foundation Brush

I generally prefer face blender to apply my foundation and rarely do I reach for brush to apply foundation on my face. I like buffing style ones foundation brushes much. As it gives streaking free finish to the foundation. But after using this brush I am pleasantly surprised. It gives flawless look and don’t leave streaky finish at all. Foundation looks even and flawless. This brush is also mix of synthetic and natural hair. I am using it for both liquid and cream foundation. It is quite soft. I have been using this brush lot now a days and it is a great foundation brush for creating a flawless finish to the skin!

Concealer Brush

This brush is made from synthetic hair. I generally use fluffy style concealer brushes. So I was not expecting much from this brush but after using it I found, this is really good perfect sized brush for concealer, fine tip of this brush really great for blending out concealer. It gives good coverage. This brush is just so great for blending concealer in under eye areas to cover any dark circles or fine line and on blemishes. It is multi-tasking brush, I have also used it as an eyeshadow brush and works well.

Overall I am so pleased with these makeup brushes and they are really beautiful soft and well-made brushes. I am reaching for them every day now. I have also washed them once and there was really minimal hair shedding. They are very good quality brushes. After using these brushes my eyes are already on some more of Vintage Cosmetic brushes. If you want to achieve that perfectly airbrushed look, without any editing? This terrific trio of brushes will enable you, in 3 easy steps, to get a flawless natural finish.

What do you think about The Vintage Cosmetic Company Airbrush Face Brush Set? Have you already tried any of The Vintage Cosmetics Brushes? How much you like them?

You can buy The Vintage Cosmetic Company Airbrush Face Brush Set from here.

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