SBC Mild and Gentle Cotton Skincare Gel Review

Today I am going to review SBC’s (Simply Beautiful Collection) Brand New mild and gentle Cotton Skincare Gel(£25.90,usually £34.50) which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I have not tried any of the SBC’s Products earlier so I was really excited to try this product and hero ingredient of this product is cotton extracts. I have not tried any skincare products that contain cotton extracts so I was really looking forward to try it and see what it does to the skin. This skincare gel is dermatologically tested and it is 100% allergen-free fragrance face and body gel to soothe, calm and restore delicate, allergy-prone skin. SBC have wide range of Skincare and Body&Bath collections in their range. They have Aloe Vera Collection, Arnica Collection, Collagen Collection, Grapefruit & Ginger, Jasmine & EPO Collection, Rose & Argan Oil Collection and lot more. They really have wide and interesting collections and all products sounds great.

SBC’s mild and gentle Cotton Skincare Gel comes in a plastic transparent bottle with pump dispenser. Packaging is very simple yet looks beautiful and classy. It is so easy and convenient when body lotion and shower gel have pump dispenser and very hygienic too. This bottle contains 500ml of product which is going to last for very long time. You can lock the pump dispenser by rotating left side and unlock it by rotating right side. It locks properly so don’t have to worry about any leakage and you can easily carry it in your check in bag while you are travelling.

This mild and gentle Cotton Skincare Gel contains finest natural ingredients like Cotton Seed Oil which helps to smooth the skin’s surface. It also contains Wheat Germ Oil which is high in Vitamin E level and it helps to improve the texture of dry, itchy and scaly skin and it has amazing firming properties. Whey Protein is another wonder ingredient. It helps to boost natural collagen, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin found in your skin and will promote a healthy and youthful appearance. Rich in proteins, polysaccharides, starch, lipids and vitamins, Oatmeal Kernal is an emollient and has tonifying properties, all of which is essential for balanced, healthier skin. This mind and gentle cotton skincare gels helps to regain the skin strength, revealing a healthy, stress-free skin. This skincare gel is suitable for all the family, including babies, this conditioning moisturiser provides gentle restorative care to sensitive and delicate skin concerns.

The texture of this skincare gel is neither too thick nor too runny. It is just perfect. It is milky white in colour. When you dispense the product on your skin at first glance it looks like normal cream and once you start rubbing, it looks like clear gel. This skincare gel is very lighter and absorbs quickly into skin, leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and hydrating. This cotton skincare gel is not sticky or greasy at all and spreads evenly on skin. It is an amazing product, so moisturising and hydrating. I also like the scent of it, kind of baby product smell, very mild and gentle which I really enjoy. The scent of it lingers on the skin for few hours.

I am using it on my face and all over body. This skincare gel is so nourishing and hydrating. After using it on my face, my face skin surface feels so velvety soft, hydrated, fresh and clean. Everytime I apply it on my face, my skin looks like I have just washed my face with some face wash, it gives that kinda fresh and clean-looking skin. I love how quickly it sinks in and no oily or sticky feeling on face. I have been also using it on my entire body and most dry area like elbow and knees. It is very effective and keeps them moisturised. This skincare gel is perfect for each season to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated.

If you have dry and sensitive skin you should give one try to this product. It is amazing. This cotton skincare gel provides gentle restorative care for those who have allergy prone skin, and who are prone to reactions, particularly suited to skin conditions such as sensitive, reactive, delicate. So what do you think about SBC Cotton Skincare Gel? Have you tried any products which contain Cotton Extracts? SBC Cotton Skincare Gel is now on special offer, you well get 25% off on it. So you don’t have to pay full price £34.50, just pay £25.90. Which is amazing deal and I am definitely going to buy it once I finish this one.

You can buy any SBC’s product directly from their website here.

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