Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows Kit(Irid Brown) Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows Kit(Irid Brown, £34.99) which I have been sent very kindly along with other products to review on my blog. A face isn’t finished until the brows are done. Nothing defines eyebrows better and naturally more than eyebrow powder. Eyebrow powders are used to fill, define, and create subtle natural looks on brows when compared to brow pencils or liquid tints. In addition to that, it can create more volume to people with sparse eyebrows as well as add color for those who have eyebrows with a very faint color. When compared pencils, they are much easier to apply and will give even looks, especially if applied with a good eyebrow stencil in place.

Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows Kit(£34.99) comes in 4 shades – Brown Brows, Charcoal Brows, Dark Brown Brows and Irid Brown Brows. This kit contains 3 x different eyebrow stencils(normal, thick and thin), 1 x eyebrow powder and 1 x brush. With the help of stencils you can create that unique look for every occasion. You only need to apply Picture Perfect Brows once. Ruby Cosmetics only uses the highest quality ingredients in its kits giving you up to 24 hour, long-lasting applications that are water proof, smudge proof and sweat proof.

Just choose eyebrow stencil that closely matches the shape of your brows, then simply place this over your brow and apply the powder with the brush supplied. I chose the ‘Natural’ shape with the rounded end. First I clean my eyebrows and brush them with eyebrow brush or mascara wand, then dip the angular brush in to powder and begin applying it from inner eyebrow working outwards using light strokes. I like to begin with less amount of brow powder and you can always increase the amount. Remove the stencil and finish the brow freehand. Clean up any edges and adjust both sides to make sure they are symmetrical. It is really easy and very quick process to get perfect brows. The powder is ultra smooth, very pigmented and long-lasting. There is no fall out during application.

This kit is less time-consuming and very easy to apply and it gives you softer and most natural looks. The revolutionary stencils enable you to achieve that perfect shaped, beautifully defined eyebrows even if you are on the move. Picture Perfect Brows is ideal for professional women who need to look their best in a short space of time.

What do you think about Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows Kit? Have you tried it already? Do you prefer powder base brows or brow pencils or liquid tints? Let me know your thoughts in comment please. I will update this post on weekend to put picture of my eyebrows so you get idea how it looks right now my brows are fully grown 😉

You can buy Ruby Cosmetics Picture Perfect Brows Kit from here. I am also going to review Ruby Cosmetics Hollywood Shimmer Lip Gloss and Black Eyeshadow Kit in next posts so keep watching.

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