Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Tinted Moisturizer Review

Today I am going to review Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Tinted Moisturizer(£3.45) which I have been sent very kindly along with other products to try and review on my blog. I will review other products in next week so keep looking. This tinted moisturizer comes in 2 variants : Light and Dark. I’m reviewing the shade Dark which suits my medium complexion beautifully. I have not tried any Oriflame products earlier so when I received some products from Oriflame I was really excited to try them. This tinted moisturizer just disappears on my skin giving a sheer dewy glow. It is kind of drying fast, needs to be applied with quick hands. I have never tried a Tinted Moisturizer before so I was really excited to try this product.

Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Tinted Moisturizer(£3.45) comes in a black tube with an orange screw on cap. The packaging isn’t expensive or classy looking but it is quite catchy! It has a plastic casing which can be easily squeezed out as much as one wants to. Apart from that, it’s a travel friendly package and doesn’t spill out on opening the cap so not even messy. The texture of the moisturizer is creamy and is slightly on the heavier side. It contains very fine gold micro shimmer that gives the ‘glow‘.

I wore it a few times by now and I am loving it. It is really perfect for my dry skin and keep my skin moisturized. If you have oily skin then during summer this tinted moisturizer might be too heavy for you but you can try during winters. This tinted moisturizer gives the right dose of hydration and coverage for a dewy everyday look. I require a pea size amount of it to cover my entire face. I have used it alone and also tried mixing it along with my daily cream and found it effective. It blends easily, gives light to medium coverage. It doesn’t give enough coverage to under the eyes and other pigmentation areas like around the nose and mouth. The finish is dewy and the gold micro shimmer is very subtle and you wouldn’t notice it unless you look really closely in the mirror. It just gives a nice healthy glow to the skin.

I would recommend this product to all dry/normal/combination skin! A good buy for a tinted moisturizer. Gives a sheer, dewy coverage, good for daily wear. This product is perfect for daily use, for those who don’t like to wear make up so much as this can be applied without any additional make up.

What do you think about Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow? Have you tried it already? Do you like tinted moisturizer? Which is your favourite tinted moisturizer? You can buy any Oriflame products from here.

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11 thoughts on “Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Tinted Moisturizer Review

  1. Hello! That was a great review, very well explained 😛
    I was wondering if you could probably include a swatch of this product too? This would help understand the texture better 😊

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