Karma Se7en Dangle Belly Bars Review

Today I have one more review for you beauties. I am going to review Karma Se7en Dangle Belly Bars which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. Summer is almost here so I thought why not to review Dangle Belly Bars on my blog, as this kind of jewellery seems very popular during summer and if any one of you beauties have belly button pierced then this post might be very helpful to you if you are looking for new Dangle Belly Bars to buy. Karma Se7en has an amazing collection of Dangle Belly Bars and designs are really beautiful. They have owl, butterfly, dream catcher, flowers, chandelier, heart and more designs in their collection. In my previous posts I have reviewed Karma Se7en Stud Earrings which you can find here.

Karma Se7en offers a wide range of products with great budget friendly prices for all your body piercing needs. They also have offer like ‘Buy One Choose One Free’, how amazing it is! If you are fancy about Gold, Diamond & Gemstone body jewelleries then Karma Se7en is one stop to buy them in reasonable price. Dangle Belly Bars add an extra punch to belly button piercings. The dangle that is usually attached to the bottom ball of the belly bar vary in size and length, and are available in a huge range of different shapes and colours and styles. The Dangle Attachments move freely making Dangle Belly Bars extremely comfortable to wear. I have selected two Owls designs to review on my blog. One is Vibrant Feather Owl Belly Bar(12.99) and second is Bronze Owl Dangle Belly Bar(£8.95). Each belly bar comes in a cute little purple gift box.

Vibrant Feather Owl Belly Bar is a beautiful bright vibrant belly bar, Feather owl belly bar has amazing detailing and finishes. The owl charm is simply adorable, it has large bright pink eyes that have been made using large pink crystals, which are then surrounded by little Crystal AB jewels to really emphasise the iconic wise owl eyes. Further to the cute face the body is made up with incredibly detailed and cute dangly feathers. The feathers are enamelled in Bright Pink, Blue and Silver and move and swing around giving this piece of belly jewellery loads of fun character. The unique owl charm is attached to standard surgical steel Bananabell with Blue Zircon Jewels.

Bronze Owl Dangle Belly Bar is a combination of the bronze colour owl and the complimenting fuchsia and blue zircon crystals is simply stunning and full of character. The bronze the owl has big blue zircon crystal eyes, which are surrounded with small clear crystals. The body of the owl is studded with fuchsia and blue zircon jewels. The bronze owl charm is attached to a standard naval Bananabell. The navel Bananabell has a 8mm lower ball and a removable 5mm top ball: both which are set with a fuchsia jewel. The owl charm is attached to the lower ball of the Bananabell.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. This owl belly bars are really cute and there are many more gorgeous designs available to pick from Karma Se7en Dangle Belly Bar collection which you can find here. If you are fond of body jewelleries then you must check out Karma Se7en Body Jewellery website as they have amazing and wide range of products available to select from.

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2 thoughts on “Karma Se7en Dangle Belly Bars Review

  1. They are so cute! I’ve recently just started wearing my belly bars again, I’ve actually been meaning to write a post about it soon. Dangle belly bars are definitely my favourite. Great post!

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