Micro Cell 2000 Nail Rescue Oil Review

Today I am going to review Nail Rescue Oil from Micro Cell 2000 which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. Too often external environmental pressures, depending on the type, duration and intensity, have a major influence on the state of our hands and nails. I love my nails and everybody does. I have noticed that as my nails grow, they become more prone to breakage. The nails look so ugly when one nail from the five breaks, right?

A little bit about Micro Cell……Medical-cosmetologically substantiated knowledge and three decades of experience contribute to MICRO CELL now being regarded worldwide as “the expert” for the treatment of hand and nail problems. Each MICRO-CELL product have a differentiated spectrum of activity so that it can adjust to the different stress criteria with its particular active system.Thus, each MICRO CELL Special program becomes a targeted and guaranteed effective problem solver for you.

NAIL RESCUE OIL contains high-quality plant oils, vitamin A, B5, C, E & F, silica and citral. This unique combination soothes and protects the cuticles from drying out and replaces missing nail oil in the nail plate. The nails are moisturized, well maintained and retain their natural flexibility, which protects against chipping and tearing of the nail tips. Apply on unvarnished and cleaned nails and massage in gently. Before application of nail polishes, wash and dry hands and nails thoroughly. NAIL RESCUE OIL can be applied daily.

This nail treatment is basically designed for weak nails, in order to make them strong and more resistant from chipping and breaking and it also protects the cuticles from drying out. I have been using this nail rescue oil since last 1 month on my unvarnished and cleaned nails. Nail Rescue Oil treatment which has indeed helped the strength of my nails. It smells a mixture of mandarin oranges and lemons. The consistency is thin and spreads very smoothly on the nails, the brush is very soft too. The colour of this oil is yellow and I have also noticed that the oil color leaves my nails looking a bit yellowish. I gently massage oil on my nails and let it absorb.

It absorbs into both the cuticle and nail quickly. I usually massage it in because it is good to increase cuticle circulation with a massage. After using it 1 month I noticed that my nails have become very strong. I also pressed my nail in order to see if it breaks or not but I am glad it did not. When I touch my nails I feel they have hardened and strengthened up even there was no chipping or breaking nails. After a one month use I can say that it does its job well, if you use it regularly the cuticles are moisturized. My nails now look healthier than before.

It is the best for people who have weak nails. If you wish to grow long nails but they break due to household chores, then this might be the perfect product for you! It is really important to take care of your nails, as chipping may hurt the skin beneath the nails. This oil is relatively high price at £18.50 but it is on offer like buy one get one free so which is good deal I think. Have you tried Micro Cell Nail Rescue Oil? Which one is your favourite Nail Rescue Oil? You can buy Micro Cell products directly from their UK website here.

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