Heaven By Deborah Mitchell Velvet Hand Cream Review

Today I am going to review Heaven By Deborah Mitchell Velvet Hand Cream which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. I applied for Velvet Hand Cream campaign on Whatsblog which is a free site that bloggers can join and you can apply as many as promotions you want if criteria match, where you may be sent items to review. So coming to the Velvet Hand Cream this is my first product from Heaven Skincare range I have ever tried and you know what I am loving it! Two things I cannot live without are Lip Balms and Hand Creams. I cannot imagine my life without them lol. I love to try new hand creams and lip balms.

A little bit about Heaven Skincare……. Deborah Mitchell is the creator of Heaven. With over twenty-five years experience as a hands on therapist she has developed a completely unique approach to looking after the skin and extensive knowledge of ancient herbal remedies. She formulated wonderful all-natural organic range of products, skin and body treatments to offer you the potent power of nature in perfect harmony with the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology. As a qualified teacher in beauty therapy she runs her very own Heaven training school for therapists from all over the world.

I received Heaven Velvet Hand Cream in beautiful black gift box. The packaging of hand cream is very simple. It comes in transparent 150 ml plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I always like when skincare product has transparent packaging as you can see how much is left. This hand cream retails for £14.95 and worth to spend that money on hand cream like this. It is very light weight and non-greasy. This hand cream has Rose and Tea Tree Essential Oil and it also has Orange Flower which all help to brighten up your skin, make softer and leaves that velvety soft touch to your skin. I am loving mild rose smell of this hand cream and it lasts at least 2 hours. This hand cream is made with all natural/organic ingredients and does not contain Parabens.

I have slightly dry hands so I have to use hand creams quite often during the day. I have been using Heaven Velvet Hand Cream since last 2 weeks and as I said I am loving it. I can tell you that my hands have never felt so smooth and softer and velvety. After using this hand cream it is like Dream come True, My palms feel so soft and velvety. It has white creamy texture. It is non greasy, sinks in quickly and manages to keep my hands feeling and smelling amazing. This hand cream is really moisturizing. I need to re-apply it after every 4 hours for the effect to stay on. You just need a small amount of cream to apply so it is going to last longer. If you have oily skin and looking for hand creams that are not greasy or oily then you should give one try to Heaven Velvet Hand Cream and I am sure you will love it too.

This hand cream is worth every single penny. It has all the luxury of a high-end brand but at an affordable price. I will definitely be purchasing this when my current one runs out. I love to see this hand cream in tube packaging as I particularly find tube packagings for hand creams very easy to use when you are out for shopping or travelling. But anyway I am still loving this hand cream.

You can buy Heaven By Deborah Mitchell Velvet Hand Cream directly from her website here. Heaven salons are world-wide in America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. Find more information on Heaven website.

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