Easter Nail Art With Benecos Taupe Temptation Nail Polish

Today I am going to share one more nail art design which I did during this Easter with Benecos Taupe Temptation Nail Polish which I have been sent to make some nail art designs for Benecos to share on their Facebook page for “30 Days of Nails” event. I am loving this grey brown color. Benecos Nail Polishes are very to easy to apply and fast drying so you don’t have to wait too long for nails to dry out, they last couple of days without base coat like 3 days and with top coat they last 5 days so that is a good thing. The best thing about Benecos nail polishes is, they are natural and very gentle on your nails.

Benecos nail polishes are very good quality and love the texture of it, glide so easily on nails. The brush is small and easy to handle. Check out Benecos Nail Polish Collection they also added colors for spring and summer too.

Tomorrow I will share one more nail art design so keep looking!

Thank you,


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