Narynda Night Cream Review

Today I am going to review Narynda Skincare Products. I have been sent very kindly Narynda Night Cream and Narynda Toner to try and later review on my blog. In this post I am going to review only Narynda Night Cream and Toner I will review later in week. Since past few months I have been trying so many new skin care and hair care brands and I am quite happy with many of the products. Earlier I was only using Olay and Garnier skin care products and that were the only brands I had enough trust. But now I have got many options that suits my skin and I can trust.

A little bit about Narynda….. Cambridge-based Narynda Kumar has been refining and developing her own skin care range for seven years. She was inspired to look after her own and her family’s health and well-being, since finding prescribed methods didn’t work for her. Seven years ago, Narynda developed a rash on her body which was diagnosed by her GP as stress-induced dermatitis. The advice was to take antihistamines and use non-perfumed moisturizing cream. The recommended cure had little effect, so Narynda decided to try and treat herself, taking a holistic approach she began experimenting with the left over wax from her own bee honey harvest. The cream not only cleared up her dermatitis, but improved the overall condition of her skin. The difference was so noticeable, that friends began asking what she was using. Narynda began producing jars of cream for friends and neighbours. Today, Narynda still keeps bees and has continued with her holistic philosophy. Seven years on and after much hard work Narynda Skincare has been launched to the wider market. The entrepreneurial Narynda has created a production workshop at home and hand makes her products.

This rich and deeply moisturizing Narynda Night Cream is formulated with Oat Oil which is rich in Linolein acid, antioxidants and saponins. Linoleic acid helps to maintain moisture and hydrate the skin by reducing trans epidermal water loss. The Oat Oil also reduce redness and itching and helps to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. Oat peptides help bind moisture and form a protective film which helps to keep the skin hydrated. It also promote collagen production and therefore reduce fine lines and wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity. The Oat Oil is signature ingredients in Narynda’s Skincare products. It is formulated in Day Cream, Night Cream, Hand Cream and Body Lotion.

Narynda Night Cream comes in a very attractive glass jar with shiny silver like metal cap. The tub packagings are not hygienic but as most of the night creams comes in stylish tubs, I am okay with it. I love the cap of this jar because you don’t need mirror while applying this night cream as you can see your face very clear in cap like you see in mirror. So in case you if you forgot to keep mirror in your handbag while you are travelling and if you are carrying this night cream, still you can do makeup touch up by looking in the cap of this jar. The jar is quite light weight.

This night cream has rich lovely texture almost like whipped cream. It is fragrance free so people who does not like scented products this is perfect for them to try. Before I apply night cream on my face I use Narynda Toner on my face which I will review later. This night cream applies smoothly and evenly onto skin. Rub it in circular upward motions. It completely absorbs into the skin very well and leaves skin feeling soft, velvety and moisturised. It feels so light on my skin. When I wake up in the morning my skin does not look dry or ashy. My skin feels so refreshed and replenished. After using this night cream for few days I immediately felt that my skin looks more hydrated and plump. This night cream have not caused any breakouts or clog pores. I have combination skin which is more on dry side so I daily use night creams for intense moisturisation. Sometimes I use night creams during days too when I need extra hydration.

The night cream is priced at a very reasonable £17.50 for 50ml of jar. It offers enough hydration and moisture for my dry skin without overloading it and my skin looks more soft and smooth. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to try these fabulous product and really look forward to exploring more of Narynda Skincare line. If you have dry and dehydrated skin then you shall give one try to Narynda Night Cream as it provides enough hydration to skin. You can buy all Narynda Skincare products directly from website here.

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