Flo Fragrance Atomizer 5ml Review

Today I am going to review Flo Fragrance Atomizer which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. Flo Accessories has designed stylist beauty accessories for travel which makes life more easier. The product line includes other fragrance accessories, as well as sleek LED purse mirrors, makeup bags and organizers, nail care for travel, and the new, completely original FLO Fragrance Jewellery & Accessories. The FLO Universal Atomizer has been selling phenomenally well under many well-known brand such as Sephora, Douglas, Ulta and many more.

I have been asked to choose color for Flo Fragrance Atomizer and I have picked up PINK. I love pink. There are few more colours available to pick from. The packaging of this product is quite sturdy and it is very small in size. I would say it is about the size of a lipstick and very light weight. Flo Products are widely sold across airlines and in airports too as their products are so travel friendly. I always carry perfume with me in handbag but sometimes just because the size of the product I could not carry my desired perfume with me in handbag but my problem is solved as now I can carry my favourite perfume with me in handbag by filling it in Flo Fragrance Atomizer. It can hold 5ml which is enough for a week. The lid of this atomizer is very easy to pop off and seals tightly. Behind the pink metallic casing is a glass bottle to fill up which is very easy. There are instructions on their website to fill up the bottle.

Flo Fragrance Atomizer are so handy and they are easy to refill. You can fill any of your favourite perfumes in it and take them with you when you are travelling since they are airplane approved too. They are also available in different size like 5ml and 7ml. They retail for £9.95 to £11.95, they are completely washable and re-usable for different fragrances. Flight & Travel Safe! Leak proof. Glass receptacle for perfume to ensure it will never change composition or irritate skin. Laboratory approved. Flo Fragrance Atomizer solution now available in a rollerball application too.

What do you think about Flo Fragrance Atomizer? Have you already got it? You can buy Flo Fragrance Atomizer from their website here. You can also find them in Boots, Amazon and all of UK airports in the duty free shops that are called : “world of duty free”.

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