Lip Smacker’s Coca Cola Lip Balms Review

Today I am going to review Lip Smacker’s Coca Cola Lip Balms(£5.00) which I have been sent very kindly to try and review on my blog. As you may know I am lip balm sucker, I have loads of lip balms in my collection and I always want more and love to try new ones. This lip balms honestly taste like you have smeared the drinks across your lips. They are less stickiness and more like balminess. Lip Smacker has very huge Lip Balm Collection, when I say huge it is really very very huge. They have Original, Coca Cola, Disney, Dr Pepper and Candy Shop collection in their lip balm range. Their whole collection looks very cute and so adorable.

The three balms I have been sent from Coca Cola range are Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Cherry and Coca-Cola Vanilla. All the lip balms have awesome cool design and packaging. They twist nicely. Packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly. When I open the lid it gives nice smell of coca cola. Feel like to smell them over and over. All the lip balms glide smoothly on lips and not sticky at all that’s the thing I look for while buying lip balms.

When I apply Coca Cola Classic lip balm I feel so tempted as it actually smells like fizzy Coca Coca. The smell is nearly identical to the original smell of Coca Cola. This lip balm apply very smoothly on lips and it makes lips soft and smoother and add nice subtle shine to your lips. This lip balm is not tinted, when I saw it first time I thought this would be a tinted balm and would apply on lips as bit of brown but it is clear on lips. Coca Cola Cherry smells really sweet so if you like sweet smell then this is the balm for you to try from this range. This lip balm is slightly tinted and it is very sheer and subtle. It just makes your lips more pink/red than normal. Cherry lip balm also glides smoothly and not sticky on lips. Coca Cola Vanilla lip balm I just loved it. It has mixed smell of the classic and cherry lip balms and scent of this balm is just so lovely. This lip balm again feels so soft on lips and it is moisturising.

All the three lip balms stay on for a while pretty much like any of the normal basic lip balms and keeps your lips moisturized. If you have dry lips I think it won’t work. I also use this lip balms as base before I apply my lipstick and it adds nice soft shine to my lips and also my lipstick glides very smoothly on my lips. This lip balms are really fun products to use and play! This pack of three lip balms is a nice little gift and they are pretty similar to each other and they smells differently and the cherry flavour having a slight tint to it and it is very subtle and otherwise they are clear. This lip balms are not matte finish, you get a slightly glossy pout and they are not sticky at all. They leave your lips with a sweet scent of soda that is not overpowering and also keeps your lips soft and smooth.

Overall I am quite happy with this balms and they are so adorable and I love to keep them in my handbag as they look so different from other lip balms and I am sure when you get it out of your bag lots of people will be curious to know what you have got that tube thing in Coca Cola. If you find them somewhere in store I think you shall grab them as they will be a nice cute little treat for you.

You can buy Lip Smacker’s Lip Balms from Superdrug and Claire’s store.

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