Karma Se7en Body Jewellery Stud Earrings Review

Today I am going to review some funky earrings which I have been sent very kindly by Karma Se7en Body Jewellery. I have been asked to pick jewellery that I would like to review. As I only have my ears pierced I made my choice with some beautiful and funky stud earrings which I like to wear them with shorts and other funky outfits.

A little bit about Karma Se7en Body Jewellery……………Karma Se7en started out in the body piercing and body jewellery world back in the 90’s with the opening of Harrow’s (London -England) first body piercing studio. They have also trained many piercings students to become professional body piercers who went on to open their own body piercing studios throughout London and the UK. Their Our own studio became so popular they had to extend their opening hours and add 2 extra studios to be able to service all the returning customers and their friends. If you want to know more about Karma Se7en Body Jewellery click here.

They offer a wide range of products with great budget friendly prices for all your body piercing needs. They also have offer like ‘Buy One Choose One Free’, how amazing it is! If you are fancy about Gold, Diamond & Gemstone body jewelleries then Karma Se7en is one stop to buy them in reasonable price as Karma Se7en manufacture all their Gold and Diamond Body Jeweller in the UK by hand and have incorporated it with a Bioflex stem to keep the cost down for consumers, but also to create an ‘invisible’ effect to really show off the gold and diamonds to its fullest. Browse their website and you can find ear piercings and ear stretching jewellery barbells, labret studs, navel jewellery, nose studs, tongue bars etc.

The stud earrings I have been sent, can be worn in all standard size ear piercings and those are suitable for both children and adults. Each earring comes in a cute little gift box(see above picture). Each of their earrings is made from top quality sterling silver and has a standard 0.8mm stem so there are suitable for all standard ear piercings. The handy butterfly clip also makes them very secure and simply to fit. Classic Stud Earrings retails for just £3.99 to £6.99. I have picked up cute and girly studs like honeybee, enamel bee, owl, lady bug, lips, cupcakes and tulips. They are really pretty and finishing of each stud is just amazing. Karma Se7en has made this studs with perfection I love the designs and colours. Lips you can wear them during valentines, bees you can wear in spring or Halloween even those cute tulip studs you can wear during spring too.

If you ask me which my favourites out all these 7 are, I say Owl and Lady Bugs ❤ they so so cute. Now let me ask you which one do you like most out of all? If you are fond of body jewelleries then you must check out Karma Se7en Body Jewellery website as they have amazing and wide range of products available to select from.

You can buy all types of Karma Se7en Body Jewellery from here.

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