OSMO Berber Oil Restoration Mask and Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray Review

Today I am going to review two haircair products from OSMO. I have been sent Berber Oil Restoration Mask and Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray to try and review on my blog. I have been sent 2x Berber Oil Mask, It might be by mistake instead of Shampoo I got 2 masks. Both the products have Argan Oil in it. All of us have heard about the benefits of oils for our hair and body. Argan oil is considered the liquid gold, it is chosen by all high-end brands and some companies have even gone to the extent of reformulating their products just so that they can include Argan oil in it. I have tried many products that have argan oil in it and I love it for my hairs and skin.

A little bit about OSMO………OSMO, a leading UK collection of professional hair care and styling products. With a diverse and extensive product range, OSMO is a controversial, unique style leader. Stylists from across the globe can satisfy their guilty pleasures using products from the OSMO range. Osmo satisfies all addicts from extreme volumists to edgy stylists with plenty in-between. Indulge your cravings. OSMO products not only perform but create a visual statement in any retail or salon space. The striking packaging, irresistable fragrance and excellent products performance allows OSMO fanatics to create, manipulate and style any head of hair.

Berber Oil Restoration Mask

Rescue remedy. Not just for the morning after.  A luxuriously indulgent, intensely nourishing, restoration therapy to help restore hair to its full glory.

  • Unique combination of oils including Argan, Avocado and Olive.
  • Replenishes elasticity and bounce.
  • Leaves hair smooth and silky for ease of styling.
  • Use individually for an indulgent experience or in collaboration with Berber Oil Shampoo for outstanding results.
  • Helps strengthen and repair even the most fragile of locks.

Berber Oil Restoration Mask comes in a tube packaging as you can see. The packaging is eye-catching but simple. The browns, oranges and greys work with each other to make sure that you definitely take a second look. It holds 250ml of product. I feel that the tube looks really pretty and it gives tropical therapy like feeling. The consistency of the mask is like a thick paste but it is really smooth and spreads easily on the hair. I love the herbal and fruity smell of this mask so much. The smell is not very overpowering. It lingers on for some time but is not something that will bother you. I enjoy subtle scent of this mask in my hair after I have washed my hair.

You can use this mask daily as a conditioner after shampooing or for more intense hair treatment leave it on the hair for 4-5 minutes for a weekly treatment. Osmo Berber Oil Mask Restoration Therapy with Argan Oil is suitable for all hair types. I have used this mask both the way and it makes my hairs so silky and smooth and adds that extra bounce to it which is what I want from hair products. It is infused with argon oil, olive oil and avocado which is really good for your hairs. It does not weigh my hair down at all. If you have dried out hair ends and this mask would help in improving the condition. This mask is very light and gentle so you can use it daily before and after shampooing. This is a fab conditioner and I see myself keep using it in future also.

Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray

Radiance Spray With Argan Oil. A beautifully lightweight Argan Oil infused radiance spray. The delicate formulation with extracts of Avocado and Coconut Oil combine to smooth the hair, aiding in the prevention of static and controlling frizz. Leaves hair soft and silky with a dazzling shine.

  • Lightweight formula
  • Achieves glistening shine
  • Nourishes and protects
  • Ideal for fine hair
  • Helps prevent static and controls frizz

Berber Oil Light looks so attractive in brown plastic transparent bottle with an orange fonts that looks very simple and chic. I have no problem with the spray. It is very easy to use. It holds 125ml of product. The smell is very fruity and sweet same like the mask. It lingers on for sometime.

Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray contains Argain Oil, Coconut Oil and Acocado Oil which are the best for your hairs. If you have frizzy and dull hairs then this is the product you should try. It nourishes and protects your hairs. Applying it is very easy just spritz evenly onto dry hairs and you get very sleek and shiny hairs. Alternatively, distribute evenly through dampened hair for a nourishing leave-in treatment and then style your hair as normal. Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray feels so light on hairs. I am loving it!

Overall I am really satisfied with both the products and Berber Oil Restoration Mask is my favourite. I am definitely going to purchase it again once I finish this one. I would love to try shampoo from OSMO Argan Oil range. Have you tried any OSMO products? Do you love Argan Oil products?

You can find these products at various salons across the country, more information on where the products are stocked can be found here.

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