LipGlam Natural Lanolin Lip Balm Review

Recently I have been sent LipGlam Natural Lanolin Lip Balm to try and review on my blog. This lip balm is the multifunctional moisturizer. This natural lip balm is made of lanolin and makes your lips soft and provides 8 hours long hydration. LipGlam is 100% natural and specifically developed to soothe sensitive skin. It can also be used for dry skin relief and is proven to reduce skin roughness by 40%. Simple, natural and indulgent, LipGlam makes it easy to have soft, beautiful lips every day. The lip balm can also be used on cuticles, dry patches of skin, eyebrows and split ends

LipGlam’s key ingredient is lanolin, a natural emollient extracted from sheep’s wool. Lanolin is one of nature’s finest oils, holding moisture in the skin for deep hydration. We blend it with natural botanicals, resulting in a readily absorbed balm that replenishes instantly. LipGlam leaves your lips soft and dewy, with an instant plumping effect. It revitalizes your skin’s natural barrier and resistance to environmental toxins. By optimizing your natural defenses, it reactivates inner radiance and ensures a healthy glow.

LipGlam Natural Lanolin Lip Balm comes in a white tube with gold design on tube and it has gold lid. The packaging of this product is very much attractive to me. It holds 12ml of product and costs only £9.99. LipGlam comes with slanted tip that makes it easy to apply as a lip balm. The consistency of this lip balm is very thick and you need to rub it between fingers to get it useable. If the tube is cold then you should either warm it in hands or put it in hot water for 60 seconds. Once it is warm then it is very easy to apply.

The actual color of the product is bit yellow but it applies clear and melts on the skin. It is fragrance and flavour free. I have been using it for few days and I find it very useful and it is really multi tasking. It makes my lips more silky and soft. It is really long-lasting even after drinking. I have also used it on my knees and elbows, this lip balm leaves them feeling soft. If you apply it to a large area then I think it can feel a bit tacky but you can always mix it with your hand cream or lotion.

I thought to apply it on my eyebrows just to test it, the effect of it was pretty good, my eyebrows were looking really on point though. I have not tested it as mascara primer and for split ends as I don’t have split ends. I really love to use it on my lips as a balm and primer. I found that my lipstick is lasting bit longer if I apply this balm as a primer. This lip balm is not sticky at all.

So, you can use it 7 ways! This is a product that will make your skin softer and dewy! It’s an excellent lip balm, it lasts ages, it is really moisturising and it looks natural. So I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

You can buy LipGlam Natural Lanolin Lip Balm from, here.

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