SweetEase Face Waxing Kit Review

Today I am going to review one more product, that is Face Waxing Kit from SweetEase which I have been sent to try and review on my blog. This is easy way to remove your facial hairs. Some people are blessed with hair so fine and translucent that it’s barely visible to the naked eye while others are cursed with thick dark hairs. I do not have much hairs on my face. I go to a professional to thread my brows and upper lips. I do brows threading every two month as my eyebrows grow very slowly and sometimes I remove upper lip hairs at home with either hot or cold wax. But for that I have to heat wax first and it is bit time-consuming.

Sweet Ease Wax Kits which are single use kits containing everything you need to wax a particular area. SweetEase have 3 types of wax kit available – Face, legs and bikini kit. They come in cute colourful packaging and they are very light weight. Face Wax Kit contains 16 pre-loaded wax strips and 2 after wax wipes to remove extra wax. Face wax Kit strips are small which make the hair removal much more easy. These strips smell like vanilla.

In the kit, you also get comprehensive visual instructions to guide you through each step. This kit is super easy to use hair remover that leaves you silky smooth for longer weeks than shaving! I never never shave my skin, some of my friends do shave face and their hair grows very hard and thick and made skin rough. As I said this kit is very easy to use. You just have to warm a double strip in your hands to soften wax and then slowly separate it into 2 strips, press it on in targeted area then zip off quickly in the opposite direction. Remove any sticky residue with the “after wax wipe”. Not very painful if done correctly.

It only takes a moment and didn’t cause pain or redness and remove all the visible hairs easily. The pack of 16 strips will last me a long time and they cost less than a single visit to a salon. SweetEase is easy to use, there is no mess and fuss. At £3.99 a pack, it is certainly a cost-effective product and available exclusively at Superdrug stores. For more information visit sweeteasegirls.com

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