Body Jewellery Shop Earrings Sample Campaign Review

I entered the Body Jewellery Shop – Sample Campaign on etailPR which is a free site that bloggers can join and you can enter as many as campaigns you want if criteria match, where you may be sent items to review. I entered the Body Jewellery Shop – Sample Campaign! which is still running and there were a lot of EarPiercing products to choose from for this campaign.

Today I am going to show you the beautiful earrings from The Body Jewellery Shop!  As I only have my ears pierced I made my choice with standard stud earrings. Body Jewellery Shop specialises in EarPiercing jewellery and has a huge selection to choice from at really good prices.

Body Jewellery Shop offers a wide range of products with great budget friendly prices for all your body piercing needs. From their website you can find ear piercings and ear stretching jewellery; barbells, labret studs, navel jewellery, nose studs, tongue bars etc etc. The jewellery they offer is made of different materials. You can find nice selection of body jewellery made of acrylic, UV material, Bioplast, glass, silicone, surgical steel, silver etc.

Dice Dark Blue stud earrings look really cute. Dice Dark Blue Earrings have very interesting design. I really like that dice design. These earrings are perfect for someone who want to add a little extra something to their outfit, but don´t want to wear huge statement pieces. These earrings are made of 925 Sterling Silver. The dice part is made of UV material, according to Body Jewellery Shop. These earrings retail for just £1.99.

Pearl Stud Earrings are also made of sterling silver. I love this very simple and classic look of this earrings, they look perfect with every outfit. These studs are really subtle and just add a hint of sparkle. I think I will get a lot of use out of the pearl earrings. These earrings retail also for just £1.99.

Jewelled Heart Clear Earrings are my favourite one. The jewel is a small heart stone and again it has the classic butterfly back. These are made from sterling silver. These earrings retail also for just £1.99.

If you would like to buy these beautiful earrings head over to the Body Jewellery Shop.

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