Soigné Nail Polish Review/Swatch

Today I am going to review three Soigné Nail Polishes which I have been sent to try and review. I have been asked to select any 3 colours and I have opted Mousse Aux Framboises, Ube and Vodka Bleu. All of the 3 colours are really beautiful in fact Soigné nail polish range have very beautiful nude, vibrant and light colours in their collection and the packaging really is luxurious.

Soigné is a French word translates ‘to take care of’ in English, they wanted the name to say exactly what it stands for which is to take care of the nails without having to compromise. The shades are on trend, sophisticated and are free from nasty chemicals to ensure nails stay healthy, while still looking ‘à la mode’.

  • Up to 85% of Plant-sourced, natural ingredients
  • No harmful carcinogens (5 Free formula)
  • No animal testing
  • Vegan friendly

Soigné is rewriting the rules of ECO nail polish, they are safer to use than many other brands on the market, whilst still offering the highest standard of quality and luxury. Their exceptional formula contains no harmful carcinogens and up to 85% Plant-sourced, natural ingredients, extracted from natural origins such as wood pulp, cotton, potato, corn, wheat and manioc. Soigné offers the opportunity to own show-stopping, on-trend colours, with luxury and highly collectible, reusable packaging that you’d be so proud to display on your dressing table.

The packaging is stunning and really luxurious. Nail Polish name and number written over the package. The inner packaging is amazing and well designed, each nail polish is so safe in black foam case. There are little holes in the foam casing for your fingers to easily pull the product out of the box.

All of the 3 colours have the best nail polish formula and the consistency is just perfect, it applies so smoothly and dries very quickly. I have been wearing this nail polishes since few days and I wore one coat and two coats for couple of days to check how long they last. With one coat it lasted 3 days, I have not applied any top coat. With a decent top coat this polish lasted five days without chipping.

For Mousse Aux Framboises and Ube I applied two coats to get nice coverage while for vodka bleu one coat certainly is sufficient as it is highly pigmented and very eye-catching colour! Ube definitely need two coats as one coat is quite sheer. The brushes are wide which makes the application incredibly easy and with one dip they pick up just enough polish to paint the entire nail.

Overall, I am really happy with this nail polishes and they apply so effortlessly and the formulas and finish are high quality. They have an exceptional coverage, being fully opaque in two coats.

You can view the full range of Soigné nail polishes on the Soigné website. Each polish is priced at £11.00, and there is also gift shop where you will find lovely nail polish gift sets. There is also Pick and Mix option available so you can pick colours of your choice and make your own gift set. I would recommend head over to their website and check out their lovely collection and currently they have seasonal sale “up to 50% off sale” on. You also get an extra 10% off when you register too!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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