essence Glitter Jewels Nail Polish 10 Glitterbomb Review/Swatch

So Today Again I am going to review two more Nail Polishes one from essence cosmetics and one from Benecos natural cosmetics. I will divide review in two posts. First I will review essence Glitter Jewels Nail Polish in 10 Glitterbomb which I have been sent with other essence beauty products and I have already reviewed them in my previous posts which you can find here.

This bottle looks very cute and sparkly to me, it is full of pinky pinky glitters and flakes. The texture of this nail polish is very thick probably due to the amount of glitters, because there are more glitters than a top coat. I have taken two swatch pictures with one coat I used very light pink as base and top of it I used this nail polish and in second picture I did 3 coats and it was looking just amazing.

I prefer to use this nail polish as main with multiple coats as it gives pretty good pink glittery look. The glitter sparkles shine very nicely in the sun. I have not used top coat on this nail polish as it has its own shine but if you use top coat it will give more attractive and shiney look to your fingers. The nail polish dried very fast! Faster than I expected, because usually glitter paints not dry so fast. The glitters look super cool and with a top coat of nail polish will be even better justice to.

As I love glittery things I am loving essence Glitter Jewels Pink shade and going to explore this range soon. How you liked this nail polish? I would love to know. I have tried to take better picture but still I am not satisfied with the picture I took as in real it looks more pretty than picture.

You can buy essence cosmetic products from Wilko store nationwide from here.

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