Benecos Mighty Orange Nail Polish Review/Swatch

This is my 2nd and last post for today. As I said in my previous post I am going to review Benecos Mighty Orange Nail Polish. I was runner-up for one competition and won this beautiful nail polish from Benecos. I have been using it since many days and have not got chance to review it, so finally today is the day. Now I am very much familiar with Benecos brand and I have also reviewed few products from Benecos earlier. In case if you have missed that post, you can find it, here.

A little about Benecos,..Benecos natural beauty portfolio incorporates high quality, reasonable priced natural make-up, natural nail polish and natural skincare products attracting the younger person to the world of natural beauty. These stylish natural beauty products are BDIH certified, except nail polish, with the focus on organic ingredients, and many of the natural beauty products being vegan, also designed and manufactured without animal testing.

Benecos Mighty Orange Nail Polish is a bright orange colour and it is the ideal summer colour for your finger nails and toe nails. Mighty Orange Nail Polish is the best choice of colour for day and for a night out on the beach. I have used this nail polish for a while now and I am loving it. This vibrant orange colour is so perfect for sunny days.

This nail polish is very good quality and love the texture of it, glides so easily on nails. The brush is small and easy to handle. Benecos Mighty Orange nail polish is gentle on your nails and non drying as the nail polish does not contain harsh ingredients and is free from toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and colophony. Benecos nail polish is vegan friendly, long-lasting, chip resistant and has not been tested on animals.

You don’t need too many coats to build up the colour, I was pleased to see I only needed 1 coat of polish as it is that opaque and it dries quickly and I love that part and I know nobody like to wait longer for your nails to dry. The picture I have taken is with 2 coats. No base coat is needed when using Benecos nail polish and even I have not used top coat still it has lovely gloss. This nail polish lasts very long even after 5 days it was there on my nails and my nails still were looking gorgeous.

I loved everything about this nail polish and would love to try some more shades from their range. Have you tried any of the Benecos beauty products or nail polish?

I really recommend Benecos Natural Beauty products and specially this nail polish to everyone who have not tried yet. You can order them from here.

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