Amie Skincare Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser and Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask Review

Today I am going to review some Skincare products. It has been a while since I have done a Skincare review and I love anything that uses natural and plant-based ingredients. So I am going to review Amie Skincare products those have been sent to me very kindly to try and review on my blog.

Amie is the natural skin care and beauty range for sensitive skin, created by top beauty expert, Fiona Parkhouse. Bursting with natural plant and botanical extracts and free from harsh chemicals, Amie products are gentle yet super-effective. Ideal for sensitive skin that can be oily and prone to breakouts or dryness, they have been especially designed to work in complete harmony with your skin to help keep it clear, soft and radiant. Amie’s high-quality products are completely free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, animal extracts and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

MORNING LIGHT Hydrating Daily Moisturiser 100ml – RRP £4.95

Amie’s MORNING LIGHT Hydrating Daily Moisturiser is a perfect blend of high-quality plant extracts and skin-friendly natural ingredients all designed to keep your skin soft and moisturised, all day long. Perfect for skin that is prone to dryness and in need of gentle, effective nourishment, this lightweight rose-scented lotion is easy to apply and absorbed quickly, giving skin long-lasting hydration.

Key natural extracts include:

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil –  Rosehip oil contains a list of active ingredients which are beneficial to skin, as well as a high level of essential fatty acids which help the skin hold moisture and reduce dryness.

Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract – an extract from the flowers of the Cabbage Rose, Rosa Centifolia has skin-conditioning and toning effects on the skin.

Malva Sylvestris Extract – the flowers of the mallow plant are well-known for their soothing and softening effect on the skin.

Amie’s Hydrating Daily Moisturiser comes in nice pink plastic squeezable tube with flip cap and sealed tightly so you can carry it in your handbag without worrying about any leakage. I really love the scent of it. It has very natural smell of rose. I have been using this product since two weeks on my face. I have combination and bit sensitive skin. The moisturiser is light, absorbs into the skin quickly, and doesn’t leave any residue or greasy feelings behind. I found this product to do a good job at moisturising.

Its natural and plant-based, with the use of rosehip and bilberry keeps my skin nourished and feels very soft and shine free, It is also perfect base for makeup and is great for people with sensitive skin. The moisturiser is easy to squeeze from the tube, pea-sized amount is sufficient for the face and neck. I am quite liking this moisturiser and it hydrates my skin and does not breakout. I am loving floral smell of this moisturiser, it is quite strong but I still love it. After 2 weeks of use I notice some difference in my skin and I would say I am going to use it more in coming days and also going to buy it again, once I finish this tube.

SPRING CLEAN Deep Cleansing Mask 100ml – £5.95

SPRING CLEAN Deep Cleansing Mask is a wonderfully refreshing deep-cleansing treatment that works pore-deep to draw out dirt and impurities while soaking up excess oil and helping prevent blemishes. Cools and refreshes leaving skin feeling really clear, clean and smooth. Helps keep pores clear, dermatologically tested, pH balanced.

How To Apply:

Smooth a fine layer over your face avoiding the delicate skin around the eye area.  Sit back, relax and allow to dry for 10 minutes.  Splash off with warm water and pat face dry.  For best results, use once or twice a week.

This is a really nice mask and one of my favourite mask ever. This is a white clay mask so it’s very deep cleansing and extremely purifying. It doesn’t dry to a rock hard finish so it’s not as uncomfortable as other clay masks. It has a bit of a strong peppermint scent, so I avoid the eye area when applying to keep them from watering.

This mask is a bit thick so I apply a thinner layer. Leave it on for 10 minutes to dry. After a minute or two, I start to feel a slight tingle to my skin. The mint causes a very cool sensation. It has a strong peppermint smell to it. I am not a huge fan of peppermint but the product itself is lovely. The product cools, tingles, and kind of stings the skin quite a bit. The mask harden about 5 minutes after application. It is easy to remove with warm water and your face still feels that cool sensation after the product has been removed. It left my skin feeling refreshed. This mask can be used once or twice a week and I definitely recommend it for some skin pampering.

Overall I am very happy with both products, they really work well. I would definitely recommend Amie Skincare to those who want natural skincare that isn’t harsh on the skin, affordable and readily available.

You can buy Amie Skincare products from their website, here.

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5 thoughts on “Amie Skincare Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser and Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask Review

    • Thanks Rebecca for stopping by! Yes this is perfect for sensitive skin as myself I have also bit sensitive skin, so I am loving these products so much and moisturiser smells and works amazing.


  1. I love anything with rosehip oil! I think I might like that peppermint mask! There was a foot mask I used forever ago that was for tired feet. It was so soothing, and smelled like peppermint! I remember wanting to slather it on my face!

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