Spooky Eyes Sample Campaign On etailPR-Cool Blue Big Eyes Contact Lenses (Pair) Review

I entered the Spooky Eyes – Sample Campaign on etailPR which is a free site that bloggers can join and you can enter as many as campaigns you want if criteria match, where you may be sent items to review. I entered the Spooky Eyes – Sample Campaign! which is still running and there were a lot of contact lenses shades to choose from for this campaign. For more information on etailPR, click here.

SpookyEyes is a website specializing in natural colored and special effect contact lenses. They also feature UV & Blacklight lenses and Halloween contact lenses. The company is located in the U.K and ships worldwide for free. According to the package, the contact lenses are made in Korea.

The item arrived in a brown envelope. The contact lenses were in a small box and came with a receipt. The contacts were individually sealed in separate packets in saline. The packets are not reusable. You have to have your own contact lens case to store them. I am already having lots of contact lenses case as I am wearing transparent contact lenses from last 12 years. I have also tried many other coloured contact lenses too. I put the contacts in and wore them for roughly 5 hours.

I have selected 3 colors of lenses and I have received Cool Blue Big Eyes Contact Lenses (Pair). I loved how the contacts looked. The blue was a lovely shade and it looked natural. I’m very pleased with the shade I was sent as well. It is dark, yet has a glowing effect, and I could not stop staring into the mirror while I had the lenses in. The contact lenses are FDA approved. I found these extremely comfortable to wear. They are super thin and feel more like gel, rather than plastic. This means that they feel extremely comfortable on. Of course, I am not surprised, since they are breathable with a very high water content! I had never worn a pair of colored contact lenses this comfortable before.

The verdict is that I would definitely recommend this brand because SpookyEyes offers a huge variety of natural to interesting colors that would be ideal for many occasions such as Halloween and other special events. Cool Blue Big Eyes Contact Lenses (Pair) looks so amazing, I have natural black color of my eyes and I always loved the blue eyes. They last for a year which totally gets rid of the hassle of replacing them every so often and they’re also FDA-approved, which means that they’re completely safe to wear as opposed to those lenses that you buy at local clothing stores.

If you would like to buy contact lenses head over to the SpookyEyes.

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