My November/December Makeup Haul

Since so many days I was thinking to post and share my Makeup Haul picture with you guys and today is the day. November and December month I mainly focused on Beauty Products. I love eyeshadows so much, so from picture you can clearly see my love towards eyeshadows, how many palettes I got :). So here is my last two months collection and it includes stuff from Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, MUA, Sally Hansen, P.S. Primark and Revlon.

I have reviewed most of the products from Makeup Revolution in my previous posts. Still I have lots of products pending to review so that I am going to review them this month. As again I am planning huge Makeup Haul this month too and would love to get some nice blushers and some more eyeshadow palettes.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you,


21 thoughts on “My November/December Makeup Haul

    • Yes they all beautiful. I can understand when you dont get something in your area which u want so badly, I am also lovin some other brands but stores not here where i stay. But luckily i have These products store near my area. I am going to review these products soon and most of the Makeup Revolution Products i have reviews in earlier post. So you can check them 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment.


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