Tesco 18 Indian Selection Party Food Review

I was given an opportunity to try Tesco finest* Party Food range by Tesco Orchard Program. This time in Party food range I thought to try something different, so I picked up 3 packets of Tesco 18 Indian Selection which includes 6 mini vegetable samosas, 6 mini vegetable pakoras and 6 mini onion bhajis. I am a fan of Indian food.

So when I show this packet, the picture of samosas, bhajis and pakora looks so inviting and colorful. I was already tempted when i was in store. Packet is tightly sealed with plastic. Keep this packet in refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase.

Heating Instructions: Remove the wrapping from packet and take out samosas,bhajis and pakoras and place them on a pre-heated bajing tray in the centre of pre-heated oven for 15 minutes.

Once ready take them out and you know it smells amazing. First I took cute little triangle samosas, crispy and perfectly spiced. In samosa you can taste Potato, Peas, Coriander, little tomato puree. The main factor in samosa is “Garam Masala”. Garam Masala is an indian spice and it enhance the taste of food. If you put too much then food becomes too spicy but this samosas was perfectly balanced with all ingredients.

Mini vegetable pakora was also tasting. You can see some onion, potato few mashed peas and spinach and other indian spices. When you take out from oven the nice brown color makes it more wonderful and crispy outer side. From outside crispy and when you put in mouth soft and spongy. Really delicious.

Mini onion bhaji is mainly made with onions and other indian spices. Again this is also crispy from outside and soft from inside and I love the fried onion flavour bit sweet and salty.

If you are vegetarians then you must try out Tesco 18 Indian Selection Party food this christmas and share with your friends and families. I am sure they all will love it.

Each piece contains 55kcal to 49kcal, so I don’t think so it is much.

Out of 3 packets, i have finished 2 packets in just 4 days so you can imagine how wonderful it tastes.

So all in one i really enjoyed My Party Food Tesco 18 Indian Selection and i would recommend anybody here to try it on this christmas party to make it more special and give wonderful treat to your family and guest by serving this range of food.

Thank you Tesco Orchard for giving me this opportunity to try Party Food range.


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