I Heart Makeup Go! Palette Review

Today I am going to review one more product I Heart Makeup Go! Palette, actually I Heart Makeup is sister brand of Makeup Revolution. I have so many palettes of them and was wondering which one I shall review today. So I picked up I Heart Makeup Go! Palette. In my earlier posts you have seen reviews about Makeup Revolution Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Bronzer, Go To Hell Palette. Now a days I am a big fan of this brand and collected many products from their range.

This palette is compact of contour stuff like blush, bronzer, highlighter and six eye shadows. It is pretty similar to Tarte Rainforest After Dark palette but with totally different shades. This is quite huge round palette, as I don’t find it travel friendly. If you carry big handbag then its fine otherwise it takes so much space and again lack of mirror. But with transparent lid you can see shades from outside that’s great.

The shades of this palette are quite natural and shimmery apart from the matte shade on right side. With these shades you can easily creat your everyday look, I love Pink, Copper and Gold shades of this palette so much, they are my absolute favorites. Some of the shades have average pigmentation.

I love the traditional medium-light pink blush without any shimmer and bronzer is also rosy and match to skin tone perfectly, Highlighter is a gorgeous too with creamy white shade that would suit any skin tone.

I am really happy with I Heart Makeup Go! Palette and it only cost £3.99 so nothing more you can ask for. Lasting power of this palette is really good.

Which palette is your favourite from I Heart Makeup? If you like I Heart Makeup then please keep looking for more reviews in coming weeks.

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4 thoughts on “I Heart Makeup Go! Palette Review

    • Thank you so much sweetie for following my blog and i really appreciate your feedback. I love Makeup Revolutions palettes so much they are affordable also. I Followed you back and will take look to your blog also. Keep looking each others blog ❤

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