The Rouge Allure lipstick range contains a large amount of shades which retail for £25.00 each, I got 4 shades for me in 2012 and i have been using since then. All 4 shades 99 Pirate, 97 Incandescente, 104 Passion and 102 Palpitante are Classy and Rich and they are super long-lasting.

These shades are perfect for Autumn, red is a staple in most people make up collection.

99 Pirate – The colour is absolutely gorgeous a bright, clean blue based red that is very flattering, classy movie star red. It brightens the face and teeth. The texture is awesome, it goes on smooth and even and doesn’t dry my lips.

97 Incandescente – This is typical lovely orangey-red shade, colour that’s great for days when you want something a bit brighter and more fun! It feels light on application unless you build up a lot. It also lasts a decent time. This is a gorgeous striking color.

104 Passion –  It is a neutral red which suits the majority of skin tones and would look gorgeous. It’s very creamy and moisturizing and really pigmented.

102 Palpitante – It is a slightly more pinky, raspberry red. This shade has a fuschia undertone which makes it even more distinct from the traditional red lipsticks. This shade is highly pigmented and just brightens up lips so beautifully. 102 is my most favourite shade in this collection.

All the shades look absolutely gorgeous, as i said my favourite is 102. They’re so pigmented and creamy, with a slightly glossy finish.

Have you tried any of these shades? Share your experience with me here.

Thank you,



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