I Heart Makeup Go To Hell Review/Swatch

Today I going to review some more fantastic Makeup Revolution range, they are so popular now a days, I bet you have seen so many reviews about Makeup Revolution products. Earlier in my post I have reviewed Makeup Revolution Lipsticks and Lip glosses. So today I am reviewing Go To Hell Palette. This is part of my huge order from Makeup Revolution.

First when i saw this palette on their website, i thought it will be small size, but when it arrived it was nice round shape in big size. I love looks of this palette, it is attractive and you can see beautiful shades from top of lid. This palette has 18 high quality and nice pigmented eyeshadows. They are easy to apply and blend.

18 eyeshadows of this palette are from sparkles to matte shades. It is a combination of dark shades and light shades so you can creat many looks with this palette like sultry and smoky look. This palette has many shades that you can wear for night times looks and also it could be used everyday also.

I have swatched outer side shades from the palette, inner side shades I am going to swatch in next review for other palette which has same of these shades.

Makeup Revolution has a wide range of palettes to select from and all of them are really beautiful and value for money. The lasting power of these eyeshadows are quite strong without using any primer. But for a longer lasting result I would recommend to use primer.

I am going to review some more Makeup Revolution Palettes so keep watching my blog.

Do you have any Makeup Revolution Palettes? How do you like them? If you don’t have Makeup Revolution Palettes I would say, you shall buy it. Share your experience with me here about Makeup Revolution Palettes

Thank you,



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