Milton-Lloyd World Class Fragrances Colour Me Range Review

Recently I have been sent perfumes to review from Milton-Lloyd. First perfume that I tried from Milton-Lloyd range was Miss Tutu, I have reviewed Miss Tutu earlier in my post that you can find here. Today I am going to review Colour Me perfumes range from Milton-Lloyd.

I love perfumes so much as everybody does. Perfumes lift your mood, set you up for the day or the evening. Branded perfumes are very much expensive and sometimes when funds are low you can not afford to buy them everytime.But thankfully i found Milton-Lloyd fragrances and got chance to review their range. Their fragrances are most long-lasting.

A little background…Since the beginning in 1975 Milton-Lloyd has always offered the finest quality of fragrance at the lowest possible price. There is no great secret to what makes an excellent fragrance – It is not the expensive bottle it comes in; we offer our outstanding fragrance in simple packaging. An excellent fragrance is not the created by the advertising that promotes it (they don’t spend money on advertising, they rely on word of mouth from customers).

Packaging : Colour Me Pink and Colour Me Purple came in their own box, one Colour Me Femme Gold came in hard plastic case. The bottles are made of glass with metal caps and the sprayers are the kind that will keep spraying if you hold it down (like a body spray).

Colour Me Pink

This feminine fragrance is soft and floral, yet have some warmth and sweetness in the drydown.This is probably one of my favourite feminine fragrances that i am reviewing today. It smells like Tresor by Lancome.

White rose petals and almond blossom nestle around a joyous bouquet of geranium, heliotrope and lilies. This enveloping, romantic perfume scintillates the senses and dries down to a warm, alluring subtle aroma of vanilla and musks. I’ve been complimented by my friends and the smell is really comforting. It has more of a sweet, musky smell to it. I just love it. It’s perfect. It lasted on my skin over 10 hours so definitely I am going to repurchase it.

Colour Me Purple

This is a women’s fragrance, is a watery-floral that smells elegant, modern, quite pleasant, and well-balanced, It’s described as “an elegant rich modern fruity chypre fragrance. The fresh top notes of bergamot and watermelon are boosted by a subtle floral accord of pretty jasmine, rose and violet notes. The dry down is a tenacious blend of oakmoss, amber and precious patchouli woods.”

This perfume is really warm, captivating and I sprayed this perfume during night out and it is again long-lasting perfume and even when i woke up in morning it was still smelling on my skin. This perfume smells like Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss.

Colour Me Femme Gold

This is a women’s fragrance, It’s classified as a floral fruity oriental and it reminds me quite a bit of Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million. It’s described as “Fresh sparkling citrus, neroli and raspberry top notes lift and embrace the rich jasmin and commercial white floral heart. Elegant tenacious base notes blend white honey with warm patchouli woods and sensual musks.”

It has really good lasting power, on me it lasted about 9 hours. I am going to repurchase this one too.

Overall, I am really so much impressed by Milton Lloyd’s World Class Fragrances!  All fragrances have such amazing long-lasting power, it stayed on my skin for 8-9 hours and on cloth for a day at least. I have owned many fragrances both expensive and inexpensive, Milton-Lloyd offers a wide range of perfumes and they are really high quality in low prices.

If you are looking for nice perfumes to buy and have not tried any perfumes from Milton-Lloyd i highly recommend you to buy their fragrances. It will not upset you.

You can find more information about Milton-Lloyd perfumes on their website.

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