Halle by Halle Berry Perfume Review

I have been wearing Halle perfume for few years now. Very first time this perfume was gifted to me from my lovely friends. I loved the smell, it is warm, spicy, slightly sweet and there’s a little woodiness in the base. It’s a strong, but not overpowering scent. This is my 2nd bottle of Halle.

The first perfume by well-known Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry arrived on the market in March 2009. This woody and oriental perfume carries the actress’ name. Halle Berry herself stated that, before she had her perfume, she had been mingling fragrances by other brands to make her own scent with fig and mimosa. She added olibanum, an African root, which adds spicy aromas to the fragrance, and sandalwood, which soothes transitions in the composition and makes it gourmand. The fragrance is very sensual, very natural, very much thoughtful of the outdoors.

The shape and size of a perfume bottle attracts me a lot. The bottle is a transparent one with Halle written on its body. The lid of this perfume is a well-fitted one. The bottle looks very elegant.

This perfume smells awesome. It has unique smell, bit of floral kind. When i first spray it, i just felt in love with this perfume. The smell seems strong when applied but eventually leaves a sweet awesome fragrance. Lasting power of this perfume is great. It lasts hours and hours and days. This perfume is total value for money.

I also would like to try Halle Berry’s Exotic Jasmin and Pure Orchid. Have you tried any of the Halle Berry’s perfume range? Share your experience if you have tried.

Thank you,

Silky Resh


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