Essence Mono Eyeshadow in Olive Garden

Today i am going to review one of my favourite essence product. I love essence product because prices are always reasonable and they don’t compromise quality of the product they deliver.

Essence Mono Eye Shadow Olive Garden 52-48274 Electrified eyes… the popular mono eyeshadow ensure color highlights on your eyelids and are sure to give all girls that extra-special added touch.

It comes in very simple plastic transparent packaging in round curve. You can see shade through the flap.Olive Garden is a shimmery olive-green with golden undertones to it. When you wear this color it looks like antique golden color.

The texture of the shadow is smooth, soft and satiny. It applies smoothly on eyes and is very easily blendable.It can be used alone or along with darker shades to get a smoky look.

Olive Garden is nicely pigmented, the color is very much buildable. In one swipe you get nice color on your eyes but if you want darker side then intensity can be increased in 2-3 swipes. There is no fall out during application.The staying power of this eye shadow is fantastic without using primer base too. It lasts about 5 hours so that is very good and then you will see little fading. With primer base staying power can be increased.

I really like this shade so much and it suits me 😉 so may be I like it. You can use it as lighter shade in 1 swipe or you can increase intensity of it by 2-3 swipes.

Have you tried Olive Garden?Do you have Olive Garden in your collection?Post your comments below :).

Thank you,


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