Nivea Pearly Shine and Nivea Essential Care Lip Balms

Today I am reviewing some of my favourite lip balms. I love Nivea Lip balms as they are affordable and give good results too.

Nivea Pearly Shine

It comes in very attractive packaging, you can carry it in your handbag and it is super-duper easy to apply as it comes in ‘stick’ form. I absolutely love Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm. It has very fruity smell and I totally love it. With a hint of rose and a pearly shimmer, NIVEA Pearly Shine lip balm enhances the beauty of your lips. If you wear Pearly shine lip balm then no need to wear lipstick or lipgloss as this balm does that job for you and makes your lips shiny.

This new formula with precious pearl and silk extracts stores long-lasting moisture while natural oils soften and condition. A creamy treat that leaves your lips velvety soft and silky smooth. It brings out the natural beauty of your lips with a sweet pearly shine.

If you have sore and chapped lips then it does not take care of the chapped lips. You have to think of alternatives.

Nivea Essential Care

Now winter is almost here and so cold outside. As weather changes, you see a lot of changes,either your skin or lips become dry or itchy or sore. You also notice some cuts on lips too.

This lip blam provides long-lasting care & protection.Effectively helps protect your lips from drying out in all seasons. The long-lasting moisturizing formula of NIVEA Essential Care enriched with Jojoba Oil and natural Shea Butter, cares for your lips preventing moisture loss, leaving them soft and smooth.

It smells really yummy like vanilla. It is not sticky, it has a white creamy texture. I am using Nivea lip balms since many years. It leaves my lips feeling so soft and looks glossy. It keeps my lips well hydrated for hours without drying them.I use lip balms 2-3 times a day. One stick lasts for long.

So if you have dry lips then Nivea Essential Care is a great product to try. There only one thing missing is SPF. But I still like all Nivea Lip care products. I am also going to post my reviews for Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate, Soft Rose and Star Fruit Strawberry. So Keep looking.

Thank you,


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