Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

Today I am going to Review some more lips balms. I am a crazy in Lip Balms collection. Himalaya Lip Balm enriched with Carrot Seed Oil, a natural sunscreen and Wheatgerm Oil, a rich source of Vitamin E, to nourish and soften lips.

Wheatgerm oil: It has anti oxidant and regenerative properties. It is used for skin regeneration, wrinkles, scars and aging skin.
Carrot seed oil: Healing and nourishing and keeps cell walls healthy. It enhances elasticity and smoothies fine lines for a fuller look.

Himalaya Lip balm comes in a squeeze type tube with a green screw cap which is easy to use and easy to keep with you in purse. The texture of this lip balm is slight thick clear gel which spreads very evenly on lips. It is not sticky and doesn’t feel heavy on lips. It has somewhat fruity scent which is very mild and does not last long too.

I am using this lip balm again since many years. It’s very moisturising and prevents chapping. A little balm keeps my lips soft and moist. And it also gives shine to lips. You can wear it under lipstick also,so it keeps your lips soft. It contains full of herbal ingredients and smells good. Wheat germ and carrot seed oil is very good in moisturising lips. I apply it in the morning after bath and in the night before going to bed. When I wake up my lips are soft and moisturized, In the long run it prevents and heals chapped lips which most of us face during winters.

Only problem is during summer as it melts down so quickly so during summer I don’t use this lip balm.

Himalaya lip balm moisturizes and nourishes my lips and makes them soft. It also prevents my lips from getting dried. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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