Elvive Triple Resist 60 Second Saviour Intensive Conditioner

You put your hair through daily torture and sometimes it can lack essential nourishment. Weakened, your hair has a tendency to break and fall out. I have been plagued with hair fall issues for the longest time. The reason for hair fall can be due to stress,improper meals or if you taking some medicines. These all factors can contribute to hair loss problem.

It is said that you lose up to 100 strands per day, the use of the right shampoo and conditioner are so much important for your hair and scalp. With this intensive conditioner I also use L’Oreal Paris Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner. That I am going to review later.

This Conditioner enriched with Arginine + Protein*, the light gel-crème formula melts on the hair, leaving the hair fibre reinforced.Arginine is an essential amino acid and a vital constituent of the hair fibre. Hair feels intensely nourished, stronger and incredibly soft to touch.

I am using Elvive Triple Resist 60 Second Saviour Intensive Conditioner since 3 weeks and I noticed that my hair fall has been reduced and my hair feels much softer,lighter and healthier. It smells nice too not so strong.

Apply on damp hair after shampooing. Spread through, root to tip. Leave it for 60 seconds. Rinse out quickly. The fragrance of its lasts quite long in the hair. My scalp is oily, but it doesn’t make my hair look greasy after usage. The consistency of the product is perfect creamy not runny and it spreads easily in the hair and is easy to wash out.

Are you facing hair fall problems? Still searching for right conditioner to deal with hairfall? Give it a try.

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