Olay White Radiance Purifying Foaming Cleanser Review

So I will tell you first why i started to use this cleanser. I was on vacation in india for about 2 months during this summer and it was too hot there and sunny. I was roaming so much around places to places and cities to cities. My skin color was totally changed in few days so i was so much worried. No body likes sun tanning.I went to supermarket if i can find something and deal with this tanning. Lady on counter advised me to use Olay purifying foaming cleanser and she said you will notice the difference in few days and same time i also bought Olay suncream that i will review later.

This face wash comes in a sturdy tube with a flip open cap that can be carried along for travelling without worrying about spill. The product has a white creamy and mousse like texture and i love smell also. I washed my face in morning very first time with this cleanser and OMG my face was oil free and it was looking so fresh and soft. it was very gentle to skin.I was using twice a day in morning and night while going to bed.

i kept using for 15 days and yes i noticed that my skin is getting bright and i was on top of clould.After using this cleanser my skin was looking so bright each and everyday and it was looking fresh for 2-3 hours.so my thumb up for this olay fairness foaming cleanser. And yes i also tried this cleanser with make up and it removed make up to large extent.

Olay White Radiance offers advanced whitening skin care products that penetrate to the bottom cell layers for bright luminous fairness. Formulated with an exclusive Olay Whitening Active Complex consisting of Vitamin B3, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Hesperidin.White Radiance whitens skin from deep within the epidermis,increases translucency by renewing skin’s outer layer and locks in moisture so that your fairness can glow through silky smooth surface.

White Radiance Purifying Foaming Cleanser has a foamy lather that cleanses deeply to remove dirt and impurities and reveal skin radiance. First step to ignite brightness from cellular level for luminous fairness.

Use twice a day before FM application. Wet face; squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and activate to release the foamy lather by adding water. Rinse thoroughly with water.

So i definitely recommend Olay White Radiance Advanced Fairness Purifying Foaming Cleanser. And i going to continue using it.

Have you every tried it or going to give one try?


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