Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream

Today I am going to share my experience with Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream. I love Nivea’s all products so much. I have been using Nivea products since I was child.
I really loved the smell and soft texture. if you have dry skin perfect for you. It is non sticky and absorbs into skin very well.It leaves skin feeling lovely and soft and just as good as the expensive ones.It is perfect size if you want to carry it in your handbag.

For me personally, I have found a moistuiser that does exactly what I need it to do, I suffer with dry skin on my face, and occasionally have oily patches. I have found that Nivea Soft gives me that moisturised skin, that doesn’t feel all greasy. The cream soaks into my skin, giving me the perfect result of soft, smooth skin.

The improved formula with Jajoba Oil now contains even more moisturising care and has a refreshing effect on your skin, while Vitamin E helps protect its natural structure.

What is your favourite moisturising cream?

Thank you,



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