Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing lotion

I am very big fan of Vasaline.It is very concise so it is particularly ideal to fit inside a small handbag, and it surprisingly dries very quickly considering that it is supposed to be one of the more dense lotions out of the range so it is perfect to put on in a rush without the ordeal of the lotion sticking to your clothes etc.

The smell of the product is simply heavenly; I personally think that it smells of honey so it has a very light smell and even when the lotion sinks in, the smell is still present. It will last quite a long time because not a lot is needed in one go and I did definitely see improvements to my cracked skin especially on my heels and elbows.I’m also pleasantly surprised that this lotion isn’t greasy for once! It is also a very good quality product for its price.

But overall, if you are hesitant about purchasing this product; then don’t be, because I personally have no criticism to give regarding this product and if you’re fussy with lotions like I am then this product will be the best for you! Amazing Product. Did wonders to my dry skin. Smells amazing.Thank you so much for this lovely product!

Thank you,


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