Radox Cherry Blast Shower gel

Thanks to BzzAgent who gave me chance to try and review Radox Cherry Blast Shower gel product. After opening the box of BzzAgent when i saw bottle of Cherry Blast, I loved the bottle at first glance so much. So first imression look wise if i see I loved the bottle.

Im a fan of Radox products so was excited to receive the shower cream which I was very much impressed with, then i opened the cap of bottle and oooo my god i love the smell coming out of it so much fruity. It smells so strong of cherries. It’s brilliant. I took a shower and got to try out Cherry Blast properly. For that cherry hit I love so much and because I wanted the smell to linger, I lathered up a sizeable handful of the stuff. While it foams up well and does smell delicious.

I always wish shower gels were scented stronger so the smell actually lingers throughout the day.and this is perfect for me i just smell so good now.and i also notice that my skin feels so soft and smooth really after bath i dont feel like to use body lotion so thats great. i really liked cherry blast and i am really going to buy others radox shower gels too.

So would I recommend the Radox Shower cream? Yes I would and I would definitely purchase it.

More information on their website about their product range : http://www.radox.co.uk/products

Thank you,



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