Lynx Gold Temptation Shower Gel and Deo -Lynx Dark Temptation Shower Gel and Deo

My Husband’s Review 🙂

I love the new bottle design. The aerosol is compressed, so you get the same amount in a smaller container, making it easy to store and carry around – to the gym for example. Plus, the twist top and pop up button is a really nice design. It functions really well, and doesn’t twist open on its own, so there’s no leakages.

it’s a very decent shower gel. You get plenty in the bottle, its slim design (like all other Lynx shower gels) ensures it sits on the side of bath or on a shelf without falling off, and it’s easy enough to push the top open to get some gel out, even if your hands are wet and soapy. There’s no messing about with flick open lids – you just push a button on the top. It does the job of cleaning and leaving you smelling fresh, and it has a good, chocolately smell about it.

‘Gold Temptation’ aerosol can immediately signals quality even before you get chance to smell the sent. The cleverly designed twist cap is also unusual and show the amount of attention which has been put into the design of the product. The smaller compressed can size also shows the environment has been thought about as well. The ‘Gold Temptation’ scent is subtle but can sure be recognised. I like this as I don’t like deodorants that become overpowering blocking out all other smells. The scent lasted the whole day with only one application in the morning the product also seemed to stop all visible signs of sweating.

Overall I am very impressed with this premium product which has come from a well-known brand I would certainly recommend people try it.


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