Radox Coconut Kiss Shower Gel

When I first received the Coconut Kiss version of the Radox shower gel range, the packaging caught my eye straight away. It was sleek and had a nice white colour to it.Im a fan of Radox products so was excited to receive the shower cream which I was very much impressed with.

It smells lovely and has a great texture to it. Its great for sensitive skin too as I do have very sensitive skin and a lot of skin products irritates my skin but this shower cream does not irritate it at all. It also makes my skin quite soft and smooth. Also I have dry skin and the shower cream is kind of moisturises your skin because I said before it made my skin soft and smooth.

A small amount goes a long way so this will last a good while:-).Smell lingers on your skin even after you’ve dried off. it’s not super strong, but I personally prefer that.

Overall this product is great value and I myself cant wait to head to my local store to purchase the other scents from the range I love coconut and I am excited to try the passion fruit it sounds dare I say it but almost too good to eat.

Thank you,



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